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About the programme

The doctorate is addressed to graduates in scientific and technological disciplines and aims at providing students with the necessary knowledge, state-of-the-art experimental and analytical methodologies, problem-solving and communication skills in various research areas related to Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences.

The doctoral programme in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences will provide research graduates with the necessary skills to independently manage research from experimental design to data analysis and interpretation. The research graduate will be assisted in developing a deep knowledge in specific research fields, as well as interdisciplinary, problem-solving skills that will allow him/her to access high profile job positions in national and international, private or public institutions and companies.

An extensive presentation of the PhD Programme can be found here.

We regularly offer doctorate positions in various research areas related to:

  1. Agricultural chemistry and pedology
  2. Agro-forestry engineering and economics
  3. Agronomy, landscape, crop and vegetable production
  4. Animal science
  5. Fruit trees, ornamental plants and plant physiology
  6. Food technology and microbiology
  7. Forest ecology and management, wood technology
  8. Crop and plant protection
  9. Plant genetics and breeding.

Further details on the research topics are visible at the DISAFA website.

During the three years, candidates will develop a research project, under the guidance of a scientific supervisor and one or more co-supervisors and will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the scientific bases of the specific research area chosen. In addition, they will have to attend specifically designed courses with the aim of improving the disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and soft skills that are now compulsory in every field of research. Courses will take into account all steps of research in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, from Bibliographic Research Tools to Statistical Analysis, from Scientific English Writing and Effective Communication, to Bibliometry and Ethics in result dissemination.

Candidates will be encouraged to complete their skills with more specific disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, either offered by the PhD program and the PhD school of the University of Turin, or by other universities and scientific associations.

Moreover, candidates will be encouraged to participate in scientific seminars, workshops and conferences and will be provided numerous opportunities to present and discuss their research work together with other students and academics. Thanks to this web site, students may keep up-to-date on the availability of general or more specific courses, seminars and other similar initiatives.


Courses, research activities, publications, presentations at conferences and other activities contribute to ECTS acquisition. To fullfil the requirement of the Italian PhD programs, the PhD candidates must acquire 180 ECTS.

To be admitted to the thesis defense, each candidate must have passed the exams of the compulsory courses and must have published at least 1 scientific paper as first author in an international journal (ISI/Scopus).

Moreover, candidates have to carry out at least 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months of research activities in foreign institutions. Upon specific cotutelle agreements, the PhD can also be carried out for half of the time at a foreign university, getting therefore a Double Degree.

PON (D.M. 1061) candidates have no obligations for research activities in foreign institutions, but must spend at least 6 months in a company.

PNRR (including D.M. 351 and 352) have to carry out at least 6 months in a company.

Candidates will defend their thesis in front of an external academic examining board whose members will be invited from national and/or international institutions in relation to the research topic of the candidate.

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