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Key information

Key information

Programme length: 3 years
Programme location: Grugliasco (TO)
Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

About this programme

Scientific training

Scientific and complementary training

The PhD program in Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences aims at forming skilled professionals for both public and private research institutes. To reach this objective, PhD students are assigned to a tutor, who will be the responsible of their research and experimental activities. In addition to excellent research capacities, PhD students are also expected to develop a range of soft skills that are useful in all research disciplines to do good science.
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Pursuing a PhD degree

Every year a call for admission will be issued, stating the number of available positions and fellowships (including grants from private/public centers and/or companies). Some of the fellowships may be reserved to candidates who graduated abroad.

Submitting your application
Dissertation and award of PhD



Scientific coordinator: Domenico Bosco

How to reach us
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